Picture this: A beautiful, carefree day on the lake with your closest friends and family. The sun warms your skin as you stand near the water’s edge, admiring the shimmering surface of the lake and the sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. It’s another day celebrating life and love with the people who mean the most to you on Lake Jōcassee.

You slowly wade into the deep blue before diving in for a refreshing swim. As you emerge from exploring the depths of the waters, you deeply inhale the fresh air and warm aroma of honeysuckle and magnolia. You spend the day with that scent intermingling with hours of playful reminiscing and storytelling with friends around the heat of a slow-burning fire.

What if you could take that day and those memories and seal them in a bottle.

Wouldn’t you? Well, we have a message in a bottle for you called Jōcassee Gin.  And the message, you guessed it, is lake life at its best.

Jōcassee Gin offers a crisp twist on a classic. Distilled in the south in the first whiskey distillery in South Carolina since Prohibition, this handcrafted spirit has a uniquely southern disposition. Pot-distilled with juniper, honeysuckle and magnolia blossoms, you might even taste the subtle hints of lemon, orange, and grapefruit.

This gin will transport you to those memorable moments on the lake on the days when you need the lake brought to you.

Stock up on bottles of Jōcassee Gin at Dark Corner Distillery’s tasting room in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. You can also find Jōcassee Gin at liquor stores, bars, and restaurants near you! Stay tuned for updates on nationwide distribution.

Dark Corner Distillery produces small batches of award-winning moonshine, aged whiskey, absinthe, and spirits using traditional distilling methods that are faithful to their Appalachian history. Follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for recipes, updates, special events, and more!


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